Rewiring H&H S-500D

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  1. Does anyone have a manual for one of these babies? Or even access to a unit wired for the US (120V)? Here's my dilemma, I'm a relatively recent arrival to this country (from the UK), and I brought my trusty old power amp with me, but somehow in the move I have managed to misplace the manual, so I am unsure how to wire it for 120V (it's set for 240V it's old home voltage). Some chap on another forum was kind enough to send me a copy of his manual, but unfortunately it was missing the pages that covered the rewiring (everything from Chapter 3.3 was present, I guess the wiring info is in the earlier chapters?)

    So does anyone know what coloured wire goes to what terminal and what pins to bridge? I'd rather do it from the manual than suck it and see (or buzz it out and guess), as there are numerous (nine?) terminals on the primary of the toroid to cover a wide variety of voltages so it's more than the usual one way for 120 one way for 240 type affair.

    Cheers in advance.
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    Seems amazing to take such an old and heavy amplifier all the way across the water - but I guess that you must love it.....!

    Contact MAJ Electronics in Birmingham (UK) - or should that be Birmingham, England? - as they have all the information and spares for HH products.

    Best of luck!
  3. Well I'd never thought about it's lovability before, I suppose the battleship construction and luminescent panels are kind of cute, and it is an awesome bass reproducer.

    Mind you it's mainly because shipping companies charge you by volume and not by weight :wink:

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