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  1. Guess there aren't many ReCycle users, but for those who use grooves a lot, I just wanted to ask if there's a way to have stereo groove loops matched to a Nuendo project's tempo, because stereo REX 2 files from ReCycle 2 can't be opened. Any ideas?
  2. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    I would wait until Steinberg impliments the Rex2 files into Nuendo or Cubase...Also have you looked at the Neundo or Cubase forums to see if anyone is asking for that as an issue?
  3. At Prophead's site there's a new rex.dll file which is meant to replace older version of this file in Cubase's folder, in order to accept rex 2. I did it for Cubase, but thought Nuendo would also have a copy of this rex.dll to be able to import rex files, but no rex.dll file was found in Nuendo's folder :(

    Still I can open a Cubase song file, import a rex 2 file and then import taht whole cubase song file from Nuendo and Nuendo takes the stereo rex 2 file as many single files, which perfectly work under new tempos, but is kind of disk consuming...

  4. auxbuss

    auxbuss Guest

    Kinda wierd that Halion only accepts original rex files. Kinda weird that Recycle 2 can't output original rex files <sigh>

    Guess what I was trying to do today? ;-)

    Nice tip about using Cubase, though. Thanks.

  5. FrankP

    FrankP Guest

    If you have Reason, you could run Rex2 via Rewire into Nuendo using the Dr. Rex Loop Player. If you don't have Reason, then I guess you have to recycle the stereo file into left and right mono files and import them to separate tracks into nuendo. Goodluck!
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