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  1. Im trying to figure out what kind of mic to upgrade to but im having some trouble.
    Im not sure whether i should spend a little more money getting a ribbon mic that seems really versatile or getting a much nicer condensor than the one I already have.

    I have a presonus firepod preamp and im wondering if that makes a difference on which mic i should buy. Will the ribbon only sound good through a nice preamp and make the purchase of it having only the firepod a waste? or will it still sound good through the firepod and thus be a better investment than the condensor
    sorry im a noob that doesnt want to waste money.
  2. GeckoMusic

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    What do you typically record?
    What do you have for a condenser currently?
    What is your Budget?

    The fire pod is an interface with pre amps. You could buy a nice pre and run it into the fire pod no problem.
  3. i record mostly rock and acoustic projects.
    I have an at 3035 right now and im thinking about upgrading to either an at4050 or a crowley and tripp naked eye.
    i was looking at the audio designs p1 preamp because it was relatively cheap but i would have to buy the 500 dollar lunchbox thing to make it work.
    i would like to spend no more than 1500 at the very most which i realize is hard to do, i think i might just buy a mic right now and wait to see how many clients i get before i go buying a really nice preamp
  4. hueseph

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    The Firepod probably won't have enough gain for a ribbon mic. You'll want to look at something a bit meatier. Your best bet is something that is designed for a ribbon mic the the AEA TRP:

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    I don't know -
    For most applications (voice, amps, acoustic guitar, drums, horns), you really only need 30-40dB of gain so long as the load is not a problem. I believe (have not checked spec sheets) that the PreSonus stuff is of sufficiently high enough input impedence that most ribbons or dynamics will fare quite well.

    Granted, I am a firm believer that a good ribbon mic will show the quality of a preamp faster and better than any Neumann or similar mic.

    I'd still go for the ribbon...that's just me though.
  6. hueseph

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    Oct 31, 2005
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    Guitarists are like lawyers. All we think about is gain. Of course, yours is the voice of experience.
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    Ditto on Cucco's thoughts... but I too LOVE the quality that a good ribbon brings to the table.

    The TRP is indeed a good pre, and worth considering.... but IMHO, a lot further down the line.

    I've not used the Firepod, but if you're doing much rock, the TRP isn't likely to get you what you're really looking for. The TRP is exceptionally neutral sounding, and not necessarily what I'd grab for a really crunchy guitar.

    Go for the mic first, then you can get an idea of what preamp you might be interested in getting.
  8. sweet deal, thanks a lot y'all

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