RME DIGI9636 vs HDSP9652 vs others?

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by mrelwood, Oct 1, 2005.

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    Hello. I just got my Fostex D2424LV sold, and will now put up a PC-based recording system. What I was planning to do is go with ADA8000 to an ADAT PCI soundcard, and expand with another ADA8000 or later switch to FireWire pre's.

    Trying to find an affordable solution, I'm currently looking at these two RME cards, DIGI9636 and HDSP9652. I can't figure out what is the difference between a DIGI9636 with the expansion card (457 euro) and the HDSP9652 (522 euro).

    I'm new to PC-based _recording_hardware_, and I definitely welcome any advice or suggestions that anyone might have about my plans. For example, is there something else I'd need, or if another card would serve me better.

    Another thing. If I record from RME ADAT, could I monitor with my motherboard integrated soundcard stereo out, just for a quick reference?

  2. mrelwood

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    Answering my own question, I called to the local distributor, and the guy was very helpful. The main difference besides the connections is the Total Mix -option in the HDSP9652, that lets one use the soundcard as a hardware mixer routing any input to any output at any level. A DIGI9636 user could do this from a recording software, but it would include a latency minimum of 1.5ms.

    There were some differencies with the MIDI implementation also, but the guy wasn't too clear about them himself.

    First thing I thought was "Wey cool! I wan't the HDSP!" But I have started thinking, if that option is worth the rather large price difference or not. Opinions? Anyone else using these cards as a router when recording to a computer?
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    rme is better
  4. mrelwood

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    :p They are both RME cards.

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