RME Fireface 800-Do I still need Presonus Eureka or GT The Brick to record wit the FF

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by phantomvintagegear, Jul 24, 2010.

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    Jul 14, 2010
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    Ive got an RME Fireface. would like to warm up the sound. The Presonus Eureka sounds like a great options and value. I'm on a budget so dont even mention Neve or API, othewise it would be Neve all the way for me. I've been reading about the Brick by Groove Tubes, sounds like more of what Im looking for. Do I need both , one or neither. If I go into the Brick for warmth thats one pre, then the Presonus for lets say compression or ez or just watching the level, 2nd mic pre, then finally into the mic pre of the rme fireface 800. Thats 3 pres Im going through.
    Any advise would help
    Also if I was just using the Fireface 800, what do most people use to avoid any clips or peaks, Im not a fan of compression going in, as a matter of fact I like it as wide open as possilbe, but wondering the best solution to curb all the peaks to get the best level going in.

  2. HaHallur

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    Dec 31, 2007
    I dont have any problems with peaks and clips on the fireface, just decrease the input gain until you dont get clipping.

    As for warming up the sound, my favorite is the SSL 4000 channel plug-in.
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    Whether or not the Presonus or GT units will add the warmth you desire is a separate question I am not qualified to answer. I can say that the preamps in the FF800 are better than most stock pres. There's reason's it costs what it does vs. other units.
    If neither the Eureka or GT can provide what you want, and you can't provide for preamps that will, it is cheaper and easier to use plug-ins in the mixing process to do so, as Hallur alluded to.

    Keep in mind that the line inputs 1-8 on the back of the FF800 are independent of the mic pres - that is, whatever preamp or unit you plug into it will pass through cleanly to your DAW.

    Regarding clipping, just record at a lower level (decrease input gain, as Hallur suggested). It will serve you well in the mixing process w/ greater headroom.
    There are plenty of threads on here regarding tracking/recording levels.
    Also, don't forget that you can set both the input and output levels of channels 1-8 of the FF800 in the RME settings.

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