RME Multiface I+Pre or Presonus Firestudio?

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    The quick question in the title a little clarified in detail:

    I'm about to bring my homerecording setup into a more functional shape. Computer-wise, I'm using XP and Cubase SX3. All prices are German street prices, in case you wonder...

    For an interface, I have nearly settled on a Presonus Firestudio (€777), together with the MSR (€189).

    In the past, I have been using a RME Multiface I together with a PCMCIA cardbus interface for my laptop, and I also have a SPL GoldMike in operation, so that got me thinking:

    Should I a) get the Firestudio as planned, and more or less retire the RME (or keep it for laptop jobs), or should I get a set of pres (4 or 8) for the RME and keep using it, either b) with RMEs PCIe interface card (€319) or c) putting the PCMCIA adapter into an PCMCIA to PCIe interface (roughly €30)?

    What we have:
    a) €777
    b) €319, leaving €458 for the pres
    c) €30, leaving €747 for the pres.

    Of course, I'm not unhappy if I spend even less than the €777 in total (or €968 with remote).

    Any ideas and suggestions (both with regard to which solution to choose and if b) or c) which pres to get)

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