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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by Jbrax, Jul 30, 2007.

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    anyone ever had any problems with these spittin and sputtering breaking up the audio path .. This is the first version not MFII
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    Bumpty bump bump
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    More info needed before anyone can say what the trouble might be.

    Are you using just the analog inputs or are you using ADAT or S/PDIF as well? Have you got the clock source set correctly? Does the problem get worse if you use more channels? What computer are you using through what interface (PCI, cardbus etc)? Are you certain you are not running any other program in the computer when you are trying to record from the MultiFace? Try unplugging the ethernet and USB devices.
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    Ok heres the skinny.. A friend of mine was having problems with his RME he was goingto get a new one
    RMEII he told me there was some kind of problem
    with the audio skipping or popping during the stream
    so he got the new RME and hooked iit up..
    all problems went away..he used thesame cardbus
    as with the old one... Its a newwer quad coore intell
    ASUS mb its a very nice machine.he was using the anolog ins/outs.. as for clock settings Im not sure.
    But when he hooked up the new model.. He hasnt had a problem... Iwas and still am considering buying the older model from him.. but not if I cant try to resolve the current issue.. he has bought a new pci card and is going to see if that will do the job..
    .. I will call him today to see if the other problems are there..... but I was just wonering if this is a common problem with RME products? I will report back with all situations asked above... thanks for the help.....
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    Ok I've gotten the Multi face.. seemingly the only
    problem I am having is the interface making its connection on every start up on some it works just fine
    on others error.. So inturn I have to turn my machine
    on and off several times before it will detect the MF..

    Any suggestions to what the problem might be,,
    also I have a new card for it also..

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