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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by mud5150, Jan 2, 2006.

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    So I was completely set on getting an rme fireface because it seems like hands down the best interface on the market when trying to balance features sound quality and price. My plan for my front end was to start out with this interface using the existing pre's as they seem to be pretty top notch for being on an all in one interface,and suplimenting with my yamaha board if I need extra inputs. I was then going o add on as I save more funds a 4ch sebatron, and then a avalon ad2022 giving me access to all 10 analog channels which I think would be plenty for what I plan to do. I think this would also give great versatility as far as tone. Any that was my plan until I starting looking at the prices on the motu 2408 mk2. They are selling used super cheap and have a great feature set. As a general concensus the motu stuff seems to be a step below rme. I'm not familiar with it at all so I couldn't say but the main thing is with the lower price of the motu I'll be able to purchase nicer preamps and better mics right away, so I'm wondering if that would be a better way to go. Speaking strictly in terms of sound quality would I be making a mistake by purchasing an older series motu rather than the rme. Granted I'll end up with everything else being the same, I'll just have more to spend on other stuff quicker. What do you think.

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