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  1. Caisson

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    Im looking to upgrade my interface and somebody mentioned an RME for uprade. I looked it up, but I would like to know the abreviated term.....also within the AD/DA conv. realm I run 96hz on my audio conversion, and I notice alot of the new converters run 192hz.....for future reference and better quality should I be looking into the 192hz conversion... I'm not really worried about the money too much I can go as high as 1k , I just want an interface with quality converters, a good amount of I/O's and versatility....something that I can upgrade around and it still match the quality of the upgraded equiptment around it.

    I have Compaq Presario 6000 (6265AA)
    AMD Athlon XP Processor Model 1800(1.53GHz)
    768 MB PC2100 DDR total system memory
    40GB UltraDMA Hard Drive
    (interface)-audiophile 2496 (M-Audio)

    I will most likely custom build my new pc so don't curve the advice to just this system

    I mainly track vocals, but I don't want to limit myself, I want something really strong.. Zero latency- high quality. I've researched many different brands and im not at all scared of high priced equipt....My weak point is just not know which one is reliable, and time enduring(competative in the long-run) I know some of you guys on here have some really good set-ups, and im just looking for personal expierence with different coverters that you've delt with. I'll take any advice..... I just need some good views to start my direction.

    Im also thinking about upgrading to the pro-tools arena if some of you have some pro and cons about that throw those in too.

  2. TeddyG

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    Jan 20, 2005

  3. Norville

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    Caisson, if considering ProTools, i believe that limits your hardware choices somewhat. As i understand it, only DigiDesign and some M-Audio hardware will run PT.
  4. skinsincyn

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    I've used M-audio, MOTU and RMEs. The RME converters are fantastic! The fireface rules and runs at 192 perfectly - although I usually use it in 44,88.1 and 96.

    Here's why I'll vouch for RME:

    1) great sounding - clean, clear and true
    2) very flexible - 4 clean pres, DI, lotsa ins/outs - TotalMix and Digicheck software is AMAZING
    3) I just ran a session where I plugged in a second fireface with 1 extra firewire cable and an S/PDIF cable for sync - ZERO problems!!!!!!!
    4) Their driver support is REALLY great too

    My one and only complaint is that there isn't a dedicated output for your monitors. You need to use 2 of the 8 balanced outs, or use the unbalanced headphone out (which actually sounds great w/headphones). Actually, I've yet to run into a situation where this became a problem.

    Good Luck!
  5. jonyoung

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    Dec 31, 2003
    I just upgraded from the 2496 Audiophile to RME Multiface. So much more detail coming through. It's been rock solid.
  6. Derm

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    Im interested in the RME Fireface myself and despite good reviews in the press, I heard a grumble about the preamps on the Fireface.
    Anybody got any opinions on this?

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