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  1. Hi. I've been considering the RNP for my studio. Up till now I've been using the pres in my Mackie 1604 VLZ and would like to "step up" a bit quality wise. I would pretty much be looking for something to use on drum overheads during basic tracking and then on anything else after that. Just curious tho... are there any other stereo pres in that $500 price range that would be worth taking a look at also? I probably would not be looking for something with a strong sonic signature of it's own as I would probably in a given project want to use the pre on a variety of sources; mostly I'm interested in a good quality reproduction of the sound I'm hearing in the room. Thanks very much in advance.
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    Speck Electronics makes a pre that is about $950 ea…here is a link.
    I have heard mixed opinions regarding the Art MP pres, they run about $250 street price new for a pair.
    If you can find a used Peavey tube pre (I can't recall the model number, short term memory loss) these are nice, built by AMS for Peavey. These have been discontinued. Street price was around $1000 for a pair.
    Studio Projects makes a pre..I have heard nothing but good stuff about it here at RO. You can contact Alan Hyatt, the owner at the Designing the Future forum here.
    That's a start .

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