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    Reviews, thoughts, comments. My friend bought it and is planning to use it on guitar and vocals for generally progressive rock. I doubt its a good mic for vocals, but I have no experience with it.

  2. Cucco

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    Mar 8, 2004
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    Hmmm...NT3 on vox. I wouldn't.

    It's fine for guitar (acoustic or some electric - not heavily overdriven).

    For voice, I think you'll find it lacks the dimension of a large diaphragm condenser
  3. Sights

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    We have tried a U87, 414, and an NT2 on my wife's vox, and for her voice the NT2 won hands down. ':shock:' Works great on acoustic guitar too. ':D'

    The thing is that every voice is different and will have a different sound on any given mic. To say one mic isn't so good on vox is a big statement, for while it might sound lousy on one voice, it sounds great on another; regardless of how much it costs or how great its reputation.

    IMHO, give the NT3 a try on the vox and listen! Your friend may be disappointed or he just might be wrapped!!

    BTW, the NT3 is a great mic for the price; in fact I havn't found a bad Rode yet. There are plenty of better mics out there, but the Rodes are very good quality, very rugged construction, and a great "bang for buck" mic. ':cool:'

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