Roland has the worst instructions.

Discussion in 'Synths / Samplers & VSTi' started by bigdaddybluesman, Dec 1, 2007.

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  1. OK so I'm going to record my first track tonight on my VS 2400....NOT.

    The book is so bad in explaining things that I was lost.

    So I look through the stuff that came with, isn't there a DVD or something? No....there is a....VCR tape....yikes.

    Lucky there's a VCR/DVD player in the other bedroom. I gave away all my tapes and only have DVDs but I kept a combo player just in case.

    So I'm running back and forth between bedrooms in my case it's more like limping.

    OK......I almost have it.....stop...back spasms....time to rest and finish it another day.

    I am going to watch the tape and write everything down. Maybe I'll post it somewhere on the web, maybe here if they let me to help people who buy that thing and can't figure it out.

    It's a good machine and I have the expansion board with some cool plugins, I have the Antares pitch correcter, the UA bundle, Massenberg EQ and IK mastering kit.

    I have gotten some really nice guitar sounds so far with the POD and the Solo 610 and great river ME-1NV, I have yet to work with the Summit all that much. The compressor in the unit works well so far and gave me exactly what I needed to get the sound I wanted.

    I think this unit will make some descent recordings once I get it all worked out. It would be so much easier if the instruction booklet was laid out in a common sense manner. Like this is what you do to do this and so on. They jump around and you never get a list of steps to do.

    Like do this for your first project. Next do this for a more involved complex project. So I will be keeping records of everything I do.
  2. robbiusa

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    May 29, 2007
    Pontiac, MI
    Lots of complaints about the Roland vs manuals, but it's worth going through them anyway. I have a vs2400... the forum at has been quite friendly and helpful.
  3. I'll figure it out, I really probably will never use most of the features.

    My music is simple, a few guitar, bass, drums(machines), vocals.

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