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    Hi folks.

    Today I will be receiving a brand spankin' new Roland SPD-S. This is a cool little percussion controller with onboard sounds and built-in ability to sample.

    It also has expandability using a flash card. From what I understand you can bring in pre-recorded samples via the flash card.

    We are using Digital Performer 3.1 on a G4 ( soon to be G5) running OS 9 (soon to be OS X). I've never dealt with samples or sample manipulation but want to know what would be an inexpensive solution for using a compact flash card reader along with Macintosh software to manipulate samples. I'm a bit of a newbie at this so any suggestions are appreciated.


    Jim M
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    Reading the card should not be a problem, the question is what format does the SPD want to see.

    Check with Roland to see if a software utility comes with it.

    Apps like Spark, Peak, DSP Quattro have some sampler support.

    They may allow you to upload/download raw samples via MIDI or SMIDI, then you can save it SPD format on the card.

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