Roland TD 6 KV E Drums & Eurorack UB 1204 Pro Sound Issu

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    I have been playing along with the Kit to MP3s, Either played from a laptop or a DVD player.

    Before I bought the UB 1204 Pro Mixer the sound levels from either the Drums or the MP3 where always different and the idea of buying the mixer was to bring the volume levels closer together.

    I have one lead from the Drum Kit Phones socket to the number 1 socket on the mixer.

    The DVD Phono Sound out to the no 2 socket on the mixer

    The laptop speaker socket linked to no 3 socket on the Mixer

    And the headphones in the headphones socket on the mixer.

    The Problem :-

    When I listen just say to a MP3 file, either by being played from the computer or the DVD player The sound of the vocals is very distorted, Why is this and what am I doing wrong ?


    If I just played the Drum Kit, The Tom Toms and Cymbals sound fine but the Snare drum sounds really crappy ?

    Can anybody help, have I got the inputs into the mixer correct or should I do it a different way ?

    Big Thanks.


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