Roland VS2400 - Good deal or wrong direction?

Discussion in 'Digital Recorders' started by softchewy, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. softchewy

    softchewy Guest

    Looking to put together a home studio and trying to decide on a starting point (obviously there are many different directions to choose from.
    I am having a difficult time deciding which way to go.

    Is a standalone a good way to go...or should I be focusing on an interface for a pc based DAW,
    such as presonus firebox or maybe a mackie mixer with firewire card, etc.

    One deal I am looking at:
    (Dead Link Removed)
    $1699 after $200 rebate plus a free VS8F-3 Effects Card, a VS-1176LN Plug-in. Seems like a good setup for the price.
    Also looking at the Korg d3200 and others for a standalone.

    I will mostly be recording myself initially - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, precussion (not currently a drum kit), etc.

    Also looking at something like the Mackie control universal if I go computer software based. I like the idea of that type of control you would get with a mixer/console.

    Looking to be able to make the most professional sounding recordings I can for my budget.. (i realize that experience is the largest part of accomplishing this, but I would like the best equipment/setup I can get in a price range that will facilitate this.)

    Wondering what those with experience might considered the real pluses and drawbacks/limitations for the different setups (standalone/Comp based/separate mixer)

    Guess I am looking for those of you with experience to advise which direction for the core of a home studio you think is best for sound quality as well as for learning different recording techniques.
    My somewhat flexible satrting budget is about $2500 including the basics - mics/monitors/cables etc. I can always (and will) add additional equipment as I go... just need that starting point.
    Less expensive is better, but not at the sacrifice of sound quality.

    Any advice or information is appreciated.

    :? [/b]
  2. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2005
    It certainly can be confusing, can't it? I know several musicians who were old studio hounds and are very talented. Many of them use a "studio-in-your-lap". Some use the Rolands, most are using the Yamaha 4416, and they tend to be the better-sounding productions. Why? Not really sure, but I would hazard a guess that it's because Yamaha is the KING of digital audio mixing, and the 4416 (and the new AW1600) has a very deep feature set that is truly musical, flexible, and manageable. The Rolands that I heard seemed to have weak-sounding mic preamps-easily overdriven and "smeared" sounding on percussion and other transient-heavy material. Frankly, the mic pre is one of the weakest links of any of those boxes. And you mentioned Korg. The development team for Korg (Unicord) is owned by...Yamaha. They consider Korg to be their red-headed stepchild, so to speak. So in the packaged studio concept, think...Yamaha.

    Now, personally, I'm a hardware type of guy. I like my boards, I like my
    24-track HD recorders. In any case, the Mackie Onyx line has the enviable reputation for having GREAT mic preamps, and you can get the mixer with the Firewire option to harness to your computer. You get the best of both worlds-realtime, hands-on mixing, plus the editability of PC-based recording. And the capacity to expand with either hardware (via mixer inserts) or software (plug-ins). Not to mention the capability of using the Onyx as a PA mixer if need be (you never know; performing live in a simple coffeehouse session is a great way to test your material).

    I guess the limitation here is your budget. Do you have ANYTHING now?
    The PC? Mics? A windscreen? You can get a Yamaha recorder for about $1000.00. If you have the PC, an Onyx1220 and the Firewire board are about $900.00. Than a decent mic (SP, A-T, or Rode) with a boom stand and cable $300-400. Small nearfields (I like my little NHT M00's) $500.
    If you go the Onyx route, add a FMR RNC compressor $275.00 (the Yammie's comps are fine). Sennheiser or Grado phones$100.00. An extra mic-you GOTTA have a dynamic (Shure SM57 or an Audix i5) $90-100.00. Then some extra software and cables. You're there, man. Good luck!
  3. IIRs

    IIRs Well-Known Member

    Oct 23, 2005
    Plus you get Tracktion thrown in if you buy an Onyx interface. This is (in my opinion at least) the fastest and easiest way to get into recording music on a PC or mac, and in many ways its actually better than Pro-Tools / Cubase / Logic etc.
  4. softchewy

    softchewy Guest

    1st, thanks for the replies and info.
    I think I am scrubbing the standalone idea and heading toward computer based.
    I don't have any equipment now (aside from my instruments) and will be purchasing everything from interface to mics, etc. I have a PC, but might build a new one to use strictly for recording. I can/will add as I go, just want to get the core together and start learning as much as I can.

    I keep hearing very good things about the onyx pre's and I hear there is a way to alter the boards so the perkin's EQs are available while using firewire and it doesn't void the warranty (if done at an authorized location)... though I would guess this isn't necessary since EQ would prob be done in the software for recording purposes.

    I Really like the idea of a control surface for software.
    Basically I want to be able to control the software without the mouse/keyboard most of the time, so a control surface either with built-in connections and pres or 2 seperate units seems like my direction.

    Some current ideas (any thoughts / suggestions or alternate options are appreciated):

    1. Mackie Control Universal Pro with one of the below options:
    a. Mackie onyx 1620 / firewire - Tracktion 2 - 96k D/A
    b. Mackie onyx 400F firewire - Tracktion 2 - 192k D/A
    c. Presonus Firestudio - Cubase LE - 96k D/A
    d. Alesis io|26 Audio/MIDI 24-bit/192kHz FireWire
    e. another alternate interface

    2. Tascam FW1884 FireWire Audio/MIDI Interface / Control Surface
    or M-Audio Project Mix I/O Control Surface/Interface
    - add recording software

    3. Digidesign Digi 003 Factory Pro Tools LE Workstation

    4. (cheaper options) TASCAM FW-1082 or Alesis MasterControl
    - both have Cubase LE

    Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions? Budget starting around $2500, but will add as I go.
    I've been trying to do my research, but I also know there is nothing better than experience.
    Thanks again!
  5. moonbaby

    moonbaby Mmmmmm Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2005
    There have been MANY posts on this site bitchin' about Tascam controllers, I'd stay clear of them. That company has been putting out products that aren't fully tested and operational the last couple of years.
    I have been the victim of this, and I know plenty of others have as well.
    Think Mackie.

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