Roland VS2480 / Digital Performer sharing/ exchanging data?

Discussion in 'Digital Recorders' started by JakeCoburn, Dec 11, 2004.

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    Hi, I have been using Digital Performer with my Mac, Mackie Mixer, an 896 and a MOTU Express XT. I'm real happy with the setup. Someone just gave me a brand new Roland VS2480CD and I wondered if this can be incorporated in my setup, somehow? Does the Roland VS2480 only record audio or does it record MIDI, as well? If so - can I take what I have recorded on the VS2480 and send it to Digital Performer to use in and with my other tracks and visa versa? Is there tips or tutorials on how to connect the 2480 up to DP to send data. I really appreciate any help. Are there any DP users who have this workstation connected up in the workspace where they can swap au files back and forth?

    (Here's what it looks like), but mine has a built in CD option --also, it did not come with the add-on LED lighted horizontal indicator. What is that, where do I get one? I have some DS90 speakers for it, too. Do I have to connect it up with my Mixer, 896 etc, through my Master controller and full setup --or can it be a stand alone recording unit for vocals and electric guitar?
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    Jake I've got a 2480 , goto
    and check the forums for detailed info .
    The 2480's don't transfer data very easily ( you have to burn wav;s to cd ) there are other ways but at an expense , the 2480 is VERY good for FOH/live recording I use it all the time to run a complete sound system w/monitors and recording live works very well

    I see you got yours for free !!!! good deal

    They are a good stand alone box

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    Jun 1, 2003
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    Hey, Buzz :D

    Jake, Look into using the 2480 as a control surface for DP. I know it works with Nuendo/Cubase, so it likely works with DP, too.

    You could also use the 2480 for monitoring, and as a real-time monitoring effects box (for wet HP mixes, etc). It's low latency makes it ideal for this task.

    Check out the VSPlanet as Buzz said.


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