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    I've had this thing for about 3 years and love it. I'm just wondering if anyone has some sound paches I could use with brass and strings. I find that I'm lacking in fullness with these 2 sounds. Any help on how to setup the XP-30 to be more full in brass and strings would be great. IE> Sounds I should mix together ect...
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    One of the smartest hings you can do is run your audio outs from the xp30 through a DI box (GT Brick, Radial direct box, etc.) before hitting your DAW with that signal. It'll boost the signal to more workable levels increasing useable harmonics and strength.

    You can also mic a keyboard amp and record the track that way giving you more mids and edge to work with. At the same time you can setup a room mic (if you have a nice room) compress the crap out of the room mics and have another track to layer in the background for ambience.
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    I don"t know much about the unit you have but I"ve got the GR-20 and I love it . Amazing what you can do with it.

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    I think your xp30 is expandable. I'm still using a jv-1080, and it's expanded w/ 2 expansion cards (vintage synth & hiphop). That way you'll have additional sounds at your arsenal. If the nearest pro-audio dealer does'nt have what you want, then I'd check somewhere like ebay. There you can find whatever you're looking for. As far as layering sounds, I have'nt spent enough time w/ this unit to learn how to do any of that, and I've owned it for about 5 years now. The expansion cards offer more as far as sounds are concerned. So see if any of these have what you're looking for. :)

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