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Discussion in 'Bass' started by sammyg, Feb 14, 2006.

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    Dec 12, 2003
    Hello guys,

    I recently read that when recording bass gtr its a good idea to roll off the signal at around 130hz (as a guide), it stated that most boom boxes and car stereos cant replicate below that very well anyway. Then, in a preamp manual, it stated that boosting around 60hz by 3 or 4db works well for bass gtr.
    hmmmm, so which is it!!??
    Will the mastering guy roll of before 60hz anyway?

    what practices have worked well for you?


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    Well, you don't have to roll-off bass guitar tracks at all if you're not getting a lot of sub-bass frequency action (which can sometime muddy a track). But, you probably are. I almost always do.

    That said, 60hz is a much better starting point for roll-off than 130hz IMO. The meat of your bass track's probably going to reside in the 80 to 120 hz range, give or take.

    Now, if you have a bass frequency that's particulary boomy (say, lower E string action) then you may want to dip some EQ to accommodate.

    If it helps, I think many monitor speakers crossover to sub-woofer regions around 80hz. So, sometimes those frequencies won't translate to certain systems.

    You know. Go by the standard advice. Use your ears.
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    Sep 26, 2005
    In many ways it's true, little speakers don't reproduce much bass frequencies. A midrange boost or a small low-frequency cut or modest role off will allow the bass to be heard much better on everything. Most of us engineers will monitor on both large speakers and small near field monitors just to make sure everything makes it through the mix.

    Some people like to boost some frequencies while other people like to cut other frequencies. Both ways cause subtle differences in the sound and many people are passionate about cutting versus boosting. I do both.

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