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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by WRX07, Feb 19, 2005.

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    Right now I have: Mackie HR824's, Behringer HR400 headphone amp, DBX376, Bellari RP503, BBE 882, (2) RNP/RNC. As of now the BBE isn't even connected to the 002, and the RNP/RNC's aren't connected to the outs, so I can't use them as inserts in Pro Tools. I plan on getting two more pre's/compressors and another channel strip within the next few weeks.

    How in the world shall I connect all of this outboard gear? I rarely use the pre's on ins 1-4. I record one instrument at a time, so with drums, the most mics I would be using at once would be about six. What's a good brand for a patchbay-DBX, Neutrik? I connect the monitors to the monitor outs and the headphone amp the the main outs. I would GREATLY appreciate any suggestions.
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    Check out an Alesis optical patchbay AI-3 or the behinger ada8000 or if you want to spend a large wad of cash, the Rosetta 800. I believe Panasonic and Ramsa also make one of these. All of these are 8X8 balanced +4 -10 I/O, 44.1/48 devices that will connect via the adat I/O fiber optic on your 002. These will all give you 16 ins and outs out of your 002. Many people in this forum use this setup.
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