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    hi guys :)

    got question here about royalties:

    a songwriter/producer under an artist management/agent contracted by a Major label Publisher get his royalty from his song, is the agen get share too??

    Ps: sorry about my english..hope U guys understand :lol:


  2. it depends on your contract with management, each contract is different. i have a publishing deal for some of my stuff with Nettwerk, they get 50% or writers share, which is 25% of the whole
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    Feb 21, 2005
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    That is not called royalties. Royalties are your share of the retail list price. That money for the performers and the record company.

    I don't know the exact English word for it , but it is like copyright.

    Copyright can of course also be shared with a publisher and record company (for a limited time if you are smart).
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