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    I was wondering if anyone knows how to work this out.. I'm currently running Reason in ReWire mode through DP. But what I want to do is use some of the signal processing that Reason has to offer, but no Reason channels appear in the outputs available for DP, only in the inputs. So, does anybody know how I would have to go about this???

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    Wassup fella,

    If I'm correct,Your not gonna see Reason in DP as outputs, only inputs. I have the same setup. Reason's 64 outputs are only Rewired to the host software's (DP, Logic, Sonar, etc.) inputs. Perhaps, what you could do is purchase a copy of Record, import audio from your host into Record and you'll be able to use Reason's effects on the tracks imported into Record. Or, you could import audio from your host sequencer into Reason, (NN-XT, NN-19, etc.), add effects and then Rewire back into your host sequencer. I don't really see why you would wanna use Reason effects in DP when all effects in Reason are in DP and if not better.

    Hope this helped.
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    Thanks for replying!

    But yeah I think I'll just import the audio into Reason and then feed it back to DP. I just wanted to try out the different reverbs on some guitars or vocals, or maybe the MClass mastering on a whole mix, or maybe just run something like a didgeridoo through the Malstrom! come up with something crazy!:lol:

    Oh and speaking of Record, have you ( or anyone reading this! ) tried it out yet? Does it have anything in particular that might give it an advantage over other DAW's?? I read some reviews and it seems that it is more of a musician oriented software... any comments?
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    You would have to use a 3rd party app to route audio between apps, take a look at soundflower.


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