Running Logic on a Notebook

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by cdp, Feb 9, 2002.

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  1. cdp

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    Mar 13, 2001
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    Hi there.

    But the notebook is a pc... a toshiba 1800 series. I'm already using it with LAP, and it's running well enough. I have not yet purchased a usb audio interface, and am using (yes, you may scream) the internal audio.

    So, I'm searching for suggestions, since this is my very first time running anything on a mobile computer. What usb interfaces offer versatile interfacing and converter quality? And MIDI i/o?

    Any tips for running a mobile system? I've been dreaming with this for years...

    Ok, Thanks!!!!

    Charles Di Pinto
  2. Dedric

    Dedric Guest


    If you have a PCMCIA II slot, RME has the Multiface and Digiface HDSP interfaces - both have Midi I/O as well as 96k audio support (you would probably want the Multiface for analog I/O as the Digiface is digital only). For USB interfaces, Emagic has one (EMI 2/6), as do Tascam, Swissonic, M-Audio. I don't know how good the converters are for these, but the RME interfaces are very good. I am sure there are others too.

    I am using an RME Digiface with Logic on a desktop PC now, and am sure it would work very well with a laptop via PCMCIA.

  3. I'm also in the search for an io box for my iBook, but don't want USB boxes. For FireWire interfaces in one hand there's a pricy Mobile IO, and a cheap not so portable 828.

    I would love to go Hammerfall, but iBooks don't have PCMCIA slots. Wish they'd go FireWire soon... :-/

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