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    Looking to acoustic treat my room. I want to get safe, non toxic acoustic treatment that still has good sound absorption. Looking for the material wise, since different pieces would be used for different frequencies. Want it safe to breath (even if not covered by fabric), also safe in case my dog accidently chews and swallows some. Also safe to handle. Just because you don't notice any health problems from the product doesn't mean they are not harming you. Not a over "safety" guy, just would very much like this stuff to be safe.
    Is all fiberglass out the window?
    Rockwool safe?

    I ran across this stuff called UltraTouch Natural Cotton Insulation.
    UltraTouch Natural Cotton Insulation - Cotton Insulation - BUILDING MATERIALS
    Ultra Touch, Cotton Insulation

    It's claimed to be safe, but I ran across one thread online and someone said the insulation is heavily treated with borates, which is supposedly unsafe, but I am not sure if the harmful stuff is still there to really affect you.
    ultratouch cotton users? different densities? -

    Please answer ASAP. Looking to start putting up treatment soon.

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