saffire on vista OK?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by spark, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. spark

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    Is anyone successfully using a focusrite saffire on vista please?

  2. donthaveone

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    I somewhat have. When I had XP loaded the firmware had trouble connecting. The Saffire Control Pro very often gave me a "Connection to Saffire Pro Lost Please Check Firewire Connection" I had to load and reload the drivers and it never was 100%. I now have vista ultimate loaded a(32 bit) and the connection has yet to be lost while using it, it connects every time very quickly. I have not tested multi track recording because I am only using it for the bass lessons I am currently taking recording only single tracks into Sonar 6

    But...I myself am hating Vista as an OS in general, none of my programs I use on an everyday basis are working and I don't have the cash to upgrade everything.

    I posted a few days ago about switching to a MacBook for more portablilty, but recently realized (hopefully I am wrong and there is a way around this.) The Macbook only has 1 firewire port. So there will be no way to run an external HD and my saffire at the same time.

    I am at a loss for MY personal needs BUT as for your question...Vista is more stable than XP was with my saffire using Sonar 6.
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    You can upgrade for an extra fire port quite in expensively if you have a early edition mac book but not to sure how long it takes for sending completion return period. New macs come with an extra port.
  4. spark

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    Hi donthaveone

    Thanks for your reply -- that's very helpful.

  5. donthaveone

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    The MacBooks I see on only have 1 firewire port located on the side, is there one on the back of the machine that si not shown in the gallery of pictures? The MacBok Pro has a firewire 400 and a firewire 800. (too expensive)

    I was told that it may be possible to use the 2nd firewire port on the Saffire as the input for the external HD is this correct, can firewire be daisy chained?

    No Problem Spark, if you start using vista with your saffire please post your comments on its effectiveness. maybe I wont have to buy a MacBook after all.....thanks
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    Mar 19, 2003
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    I've been using a Belkin firewire hub, on my Powerbook with no problems.

    At times I may have 4-5 hard drives, MOTU 828, DV camcorder connected.


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