SAFFIRE PRO 26 I/O by Focusrite

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by logamos2001, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. logamos2001

    logamos2001 Guest

    What are your thoughts? local music store said it would be great for what i was looking for and the price is great.
  2. waiting...

    i've been waiting for it to come out since May.
  3. logamos2001

    logamos2001 Guest

    thats what i have heard. are you thinking its going to sound great?
  4. shipping finally

    good news on Focusrite's site - the "Saffire Pro starts to ship".

  5. logamos2001

    logamos2001 Guest

    Great! I have a free pass for the convention and I am going!
  6. report

    give us a full report!
  7. sounds like it'll be two more weeks till we get them in the US -- they're crossing the Atlantic in a big container as we speak. damn! focusrite blues again... so close! Lesson: never wait for something to come out on the market. Even if it looks ideal for your intents and purposes- just get something that's already out (and other people have done the waiting for).
  8. STRAT581

    STRAT581 Guest

    any updates on the Saphire Pro?

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