Saffire Pro 40 operation, an aside

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    I have also noticed the instructions for this SUCK!!

    Can you use the device without the MixControl?

    It says to have the computer off when connecting or disconnecting. Can I simply eject the Saffire Pro from "Safely Remove..." or eject my IEEE1394 ExpressCard?

    When I load MixControl it always says:

    "To prevent harm to your Saffire or your computer, please be sure to shutdown the computer connecting the 1394 (Firewire) cable."

    Is this just reminding me to shut down when disconnecting or telling me to shut down right now because something is wrong?

    The device only has two buttons for Phantom Power, for lines 1-4 and 5-8. If I have one mic that needs Phantom Power and 3 that don't on buses 1-4, will engaging the phantom power hurt the mics that do not need it? Or does it sense and know when to bypass Phantom Power to the 3 inputs that do not need it?

    I really like this unit for the price but I am having so many problems (see other Saffire Pro 40 forum). However it works on a MacBook so I am determined to keep it and get it working on this laptop.

    Any insight to any of these questions will be most appreciated.

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    Saffire Pro 40 - unbalanced 1/4" inputs

    I bought a refurbished Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 (with full manufacturer's warranty), and I'm running into a problem (maybe with my brain). Here goes:

    When I insert an XLR cable into any of the 8 inputs, the signal is fine...and angels fly. However, when I insert an unbalanced 1/4" cable (either a mic cable or from a preamp), the signal is so low it's unusable.

    Now, if the instrument switch (which only exists on channels 1 & 2) is on, then the 1/4" unbalanced sound is at a regular level again. So, it seems that there is something wrong with the way it handles my standard unbalanced inputs (without the Inst switch).

    Am I missing something here? Am I insane? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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