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    I am about to purchase a sample library player and I am wondering which one is most suited to my tastes.

    The music I plan on making is Heavy metal like Tool, Perfect Circle, Metallica, sounding guitars, bass guitars and drums. It can be both single hits and loops but I definetly need a quality virtual distortion guitar.

    If it offers orchestral instruments or acoustic guitar, or Indian sounds that would be alright.

    I don't care at all about techno/rap/hip/dance stuff
    and I would almost rather not have it on the software because it will take up memory. But mostly I am going for Heavy Metal.

    I looked at at Kontact 2 on the internet and their examples seemed cheesy, I also looked at Reason but they didn't give an rock n roll samples. I can't find what Halion offers.

    Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Thank you.
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    Well, aside from drums, I don't know of any really good sample libraries for that sort of music. That sort of music is mainly guitar driven, which means that they don't make much use of samplers and as such there isn't much demand for sample libraries for heavy metal music. I'm sure there are some out there, but I don't know that you'll find anything that you would really like.

    I have found some cool guitar riffs on certain guitar based sample libraries but not enough to do a lot of stuff with.

    For metal music, just buy a guitar and amp and make your own samples.

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