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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by sabach, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. sabach

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    i have 2 protools sessions.
    one is 44.1 and the other 48. i need to import both of them into a new protools 44.1 session. the 44.1 isnt a problem. but he 48. when i import through import session data the 48 is playing wrong.. what can i do ?

    thanks alot
  2. sabach

    sabach Guest

    converting without changing the songs speed
  3. JoeH

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    I'm not a pro tools user, but I AM surprised it doesn't give you a warning when you try to import stuff at a 'wrong' or different sample rate than the project is set up for.* (After the warning, you should get the option of real-time resampling, running it at the "wrong" rate, or halting.)

    In any case, what you'll need to do in your situation is export & resample the 48k session tracks out as new copies, at 44.1k sample rate. This will not affect the speed of the track, just the sample rate, which will now play nicely with the other 44k material.

    I don't know the actual menu's or buttons to press for this, but somewhere in the software there should be a proceedure for this. Perhaps "Save Session As" "Save as mulitple files" or something like that. If it's a lot of 48k tracks in a session, it may take a while to render each one, separately, but in the end, your 48k session will now be copied/cloned into a new version, with all the 'new" tracks at 44.

    *Perhaps you have an older version of PTs, or perhaps PTs just doens't offer this feature to resample on the fly? I'd be surprised if this is really the case. My audio editor ( Sequoia) warns me ahead of time, then lets me choose "Resample" if I want to use the 48k stuff in a 44k project. My video editor (Sony Vegas) doesn't even just takes whatever I throw at it, and automatically resamples everything to match 48k export (for video) unless I specifically tell it otherwise.
  4. sabach

    sabach Guest

    thanks man!!
  5. Codemonkey

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    Dec 11, 2007
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    Erm...what's it called...

    Voxengo, r8brain, the free version.

    Was recommended on here as a high quality converter (by free standards) if you want to change sample rate.
  6. Greener

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    Thanks again to IIRs for these links.
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