Samples vs. loops?

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    I just purchased two "sample libraries." To my sursprise it was not what I expected. It was all just single sounds of instruments, I wanted different guitar riffs. I know when I go on the computer and type in sample's on a search engine or e bay I get to hear examples (short melodies) and they are all different riffs. How are you supposed to know the difference when makiing a purchase?

    On the topic of single hit sounds. What is point of these? Are they controlled by the keyboard and can you then play different recorded pitches like you would on the actual instrument?
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    Well, it is called a "Sample Library". Y

    Yes they are played with a MIDI device or may be imported into a DAW. They are convincing when played the way the same way as the instrument sampled would play it, with an appropriate arrangement.
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    There are collections out there that are phrases and not just the individual sounds. You should be able to tell the difference by the description of the products.

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