sampletank pitchwheel/fl studio9 help!!!!!

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by vboy, Jul 28, 2010.

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    okay my first problem is my pitch knob in fl studio does not work, it moves but no pitch change, the volume knobs work everything else, but not the pitch knob.okay so then i load sampletank in the step sequencer open fruity loops wrapper and put the port number to to 5 which is a free port then put a check in the box that says "send pitch range".Then i load a instrument in sampletank channel 1,and play a key with my casio midi controller, then i move the pitchwheel with my mouse in sampletank and that works pefectly,but when i try to record it, it won't record,i right click on the record button and make sure that automation + score is on,but it still does'nt work.Is there a way i could find the controller number to pitch wheel in sampletank? or link the controller to a midiout slider. i just want the pitchweel to work in flstudio, cuz i don't have one on my midi controller. thanks fo the help

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