sampling into DVC and CD (direct or SPDIF)

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by 70sRocker, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. 70sRocker

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    I'm trying to do a video project AND a CD.
    The DV link brings the audio from the video in at 48K.

    I used the Wavelab converter to change the sample rate to 44.1K
    My ears don't detect any audible difference.

    However, I need answers to these questions.

    1) When I try to bring the audio from the DAT player with SPDIF, the volumes are very low and the pitch sounds different. What's up?

    2) If I can fix the pitch problem with the SPDIF, what's the best process for getting the volume normalized? (When I bring it in otherwise, I am optimizing the volume on capture).

    3) Would it be better to bring in the audio twice - once in 48 and once in 44.1 for the video DVD and the CD? (skipping the convert feature)
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    DVD works at 48k and CD works at 44.1 so if you are getting pitch problems then it's a difference in the sample rate. How does the DAT machine come into play?

    Not sure what you are asking about the volume. Maybe it was just recorded that low. Depending on the type of material it is, you may or maynot need to adjust the volume.

    I would just bring it in once at 48k and do what you need to do to the audio. Then SRC it for CD. This way you only have to do what you need to do to the audio once.
  3. 70sRocker

    70sRocker Guest

    I brought it in at 48K and it is behaving better.
    When I brought it in the front of the FirePOD, I was able to set the levels. Coming in SPDIF, it's a little less hot, but it still sounds good.

    I don't know whether to try to boost it a little, or just use Waves L2 to maximize the sound???

    The DAT tape has a far better recording of this choir concert. However, I missed part of the first song due to some radio noise. Thus, I have to use the audio from the DV camera for the first song. (And it picked up clanking cables while I hurredly bypassed the snake).


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