Samplitude 11 Vocal Recording Question

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  1. I have been a long time user of Sequoia 7 and decided to try out Samplitude 11 to record/mix vocal tracks. For some reason when I import an instrumental track on Track 1, and record a vocal part on Track 2, the vocal track on Track 2 is sped up and does not fit onto the timing of the instrumental Track 1. I realize there is a BPM section, and even when I change the BPM to fit, the vocal track is still sped up and will not fit on top of the instrumentals. Has anyone had a similar issue or know what to do to record the vocals on time with instrumentals?

    Thank you so much!
  2. I spent the past hour researching and watching tutorial videos and finally figured it out, if anyone has a simililar issue press Y and shift the monitoring setup bar to the right.
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    When you import, Samplitude should give you the option to adjust tempo to the current project. It's very likely a samplerate issue. That is you current project is probably at a higher sample rate than the file you are importing.(edit: vice versa actually) Samplitude should be able to work with files of differing sample rates but you have to tell it to treat the files differently. There is probably a default setting that tells Sam not to adjust the files for your project.

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