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samplitude 2496 vs. nuendo

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by synergy, Apr 2, 2001.

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  1. synergy

    synergy Guest


    i'm thinking about purchasing either nuendo or samplitude, and i'm curious about opinions from users who have worked with both!
    it's a pity that nuendo isn't avaible for a testdownload, but at least samplitude is, and it runs very stable at my pc.

    my focus is on recording few tracks in high quality, and it's said that samplitude would sound the best of all native programs-don't want to start the discussion again here about that topic like "i believe this to be nonsense" etc., just want to hear comments from people IF they've experienced differences between those 2 programs on identical systems.

    so what i want to know: are there features in nuendo which makes it superior over samplitude for my purpose (jazz, classical recording of small ensembles, also in surround), or any general advantages like better mixer, eq's etc...any "must-have" or killerargument for (or against) it?

  2. zlatko

    zlatko Guest

    Nuendo facts:

    -on AMD Athlon 1 GHz and Pentium III 966 MHz
    128 audio tracks
    -endless undo-redo
    -direct editing in arrange window
    -MIDI editing: Piano bar, List
    -VST instruments and PlugIn-s suport
    -to time the best Fade-In, -Out and crosfade editing
    -surround: 3.1 , 5.1 and 7.1(!!!)
    -with Nuendo Surroun Edition (separate app) the best
    surround machine
    -many HI quality Plug Ins ( Time stretching and pitch shifting algorithum from Time Factory )
    -very stable working

    Very, Very Good for Your purpose.


  3. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    Here's my expereience in a nutshell...I installed Samplitude and spent too long trying to figure out what button to press and what window to open up..countless menus that mean nothing till the end of the session..confusing interface but audio quality is definately up there..no VSTi's tho.. :(

    Nuendo...I was recording and having fun in minutes...you dont even need the manual..only for obscure referencing..amazing audio quality..Video importing..VSTi's up the wazooo..may plugins AND audio processing capablilities. Heop that answers some of the questions

  4. SonicPan

    SonicPan Guest

    From my experience,
    Samplitude can do these things that Nuendo can't:
    - Burn a CD
    - Noise/Hiss Reduction
    - CLip Restoration
    - Convolution
    - Generate Waveforms (sine, saw etc..)

    Nuendo can do:

    - VST, VST effects and VST Instraments
    - import/export OMF files (kind of bugging)

    There are more on both sides, but both programs give you MANY cool options. I perfer to use Nuendo because it's interface is easy to navigate... which allows me to get my ideas down without having to fumble around a clumbsy interface.
    The only caution is that Nuendo is really new and has yet to work through it's many bugs. But I have a hunch that Nuendo is going to take a huge chunck of the market share in the next couple years. Also... and please someone correct me if im wrong, Nuendo was optimized for use with windows 2000. So I guess you should consider that was well.
  5. Rog

    Rog Active Member

    Apr 9, 2001
    For you information, acoustic stamp is very similar to convolution. I've used Samp on two platfroms and Nuendo ... there is no contest. Samp is semi pro, Nuendo beats Protools hands down in many areas.
  6. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    Nuendo is optimized for Windows in general..it doesnt matter whether you are on Win2k, 98 or ME..it just cares you have an OS!!! It's native based so it relies on your processor..Nuendo 1.5 generates the waveforms as it is recorded..very cool aspect..I havent touched Samp in a while and I cant remember if it does that or not..there are plugins that you can put into Nuendo that will allow you to do Noise/Hiss Reduction...and you can get down to the sample edit level to help the clip issue..for CD burning Wavelab is pretty hot..it makes sense(to me at least) to have a dedicated program for editing and mastering of stereo tracks..yes Nuendo does have a 32bit mastering mode, which I use religously, but it's best to leave that portion of the coding to another program..Pro Tools doesnt have CD burning either..and yes, Nuendo is slowly creeping up on Pro Tools as the choice to have..wonder what's going to happen when the Mac version comes out?!!!

    Opus :p
  7. mark

    mark Guest

    What do you guys think about Nuendo's sonic quality? Have any of you compared it to Pro Tools?
    I just started using it, and it's by far the simplest, most intuitive audio sequencer/editor I've ever tried, but I've never compared the sound to anything else in A/B comparison.
  8. I own both Nuendo and Samplitude at home running on PIII 500 MHz 256 RAM with Echo Mona card and work with Pro Tools LE & Digi 001 at a radio station. At this level of price the three of them sound very good. I couldn't make a very close comparation but supose everything depends on what card u use with Nuendo or Samplitude, and sound equipment. I personally found Mona + Samplitude is quite good compared to Digi 001 + PT LE. I'm new to Nuendo but seems to be as good as Samplitude sonically... but Samplitude gave me trouble with refreshing the screen so slowly I couldn't work comfortably. I guess I'll stay with Nuendo.
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