Samplitude and EMU 1820 not working together!!

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by gregcarlin, Apr 5, 2005.

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    I am using Sam 7.21 and have just upgraded to the EMU 1820. I cannot for the life of me get the two to work together. I route sends to Samplitude from the EMU PatchMix - I can then multi track record in Samplitude - but the whole time its recording (and playing back the recording) Audio glitched occur, errors (in Samplitude) occur etc. Can anyone help?

    I was using a cheap audio track soundcard before that also used asio drivers - that worked fine - no latency, no glitches. Now i cant even play back my Samplitude VIP's because the program just keeps logging Glitches and errors (in the right corner)...
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    Your other cheap soundcard might of worked, but it is highly unlikely that had anywhere near the quality, power or flexability that E-Mu 1212M has. Pro audio hardware places a very high demand on system resources.

    What fo you have the E-MU ASIO latency value set at? If it is below 10MS try to increase it and see if that helps. Make sure that you are not running anything non audio related. No internet of any kind, email or browser. No virus or spyware ect.. Defrag you hard disk. A dedicated hard disk at least 7200 RPM is pretty much necessary for best trouble free performance. Optimize your system and XP. Try the tuning tips at
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    You would probably get very much more specific help on the samplitude forum.


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