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  1. I love samplitude but i'm having a problem that's driving me nuts. Sometimes when i open up a project i've been working on, the sound waves will be out of place. Sometimes the the wave that's supposed to be there isn't and it is replaced with a completely different wave, sometimes it's a copy of a wave that's allready been used somewhere else in the project. I'm using a PC. It's pretty fast, pentium 4, 2.8 ghz and 512 ddr ram. I only use it for recording but this problem is driving me crazy because i can never finish a project because everything is moved or not there. If anyone out there knows the solution please help!!! Thank you!
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    consider taking your question to the SAMPLITUDE.COM Forum.

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    Well let me tell you older versions of samplitude there used to be a bug. If you use 2 different files that have the same name, at the same VIP, Samplitude used to do what you are describing...IE:


    If you put these 2 files in the same vip, it doesn't matter that they have different audio recordings, Samplitude will think they are the same, causing a mess in your VIP.

    The best you can do is to keep all the files that you need into the same folder and doing a really clean labeling like:

    "Name Of The Project - Instrument"

    Be careful with the "delete unused parts" function because it works destructivelly and there's no undo, so if you are sharing between 2 or 3 vips, and in one of those you use the delete unused parts functions, the remaining 2 will not work.

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