samplitude vs pro tools-LE

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by spectacular-g, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. Hello all,

    I don't want to start a debate here... but , after lots of consideration it is down to these two.

    1, digi 002-r
    2, rme + samplitude

    I am looking for a reliable system that will let me WORK and not fuss. I plan on using a PC athlon 64 :lol:

    I know pro tools is the standard... and I consider that an advantage for it and I know the digi 002-r is only LE but if I like it I plan on upgrading to a hd system down the road.

    As for samplitude.... this is where I need a little help. Have you ever just had a good feeling about something... well that is how it is for me with samplitude :roll: I love the way it looks and it seems to have some GREAT features... the reverb, pow-r dither looks sweet and redbook burning built in... but what do I really know :shock:

    Anyway... samplitude users this is your chance!!! SELL ME!!!

    And as for RME... it seems that most everybody loves them... my only question here is, has anyone heard when the new FIREFACE will be out? sooon I hope.

    I know this is alot to ask and may have been covered before but trust me I have been looking...and any info will be a great help.

    Thanks to you all,
  2. backpage

    backpage Guest

    Pro Tools is the standard? If the marketing weasils say its so... Do yourself a huge favor and go with Samplitude. Hell, Magix Music Studio for that matter is better than a lot of "pro software". The company is great and they won't leave you hanging.
  3. BladeSG

    BladeSG Guest

    I'm really suprised at how fast people are willing to bash Pro Tools.

    Anyway, I run Pro Tools LE (001) on a P4 PC and I absolutely love it. It's so easy to use, and it most certainly doesn't get in the way of making music.

    I've never seen Samplitude, so I won't comment on it. But I was a former Emagic Logic user and IMO I think PT LE is easier than this. I have also dabbled with Cubase VST and SX, Nuendo and even Cakewalk Sonar. None of these come close to the ease of PT.

    If you're going to upgrade to a HD system at a later time, digidesign do trade-in deals, basically trading up.

    Remember with PT LE hardware that it comes with an ASIO driver that makes it compatible with most other sequencers also. FXpansion have also released a VST to RTAS wrapper which allows the use of most VST and VSTi Plugins in Pro Tools LE.
  4. sonixx

    sonixx Guest

    I've been a Samp user for about five years. if you're main goal is to record music and not MIDI, Samp's it. You're not going to get much but praise from Samp users.

    You might get a more informed response with these two questions:

    Why did you switch from Samp to PT-LE or another program

    Why did you switch from PT-LE to Samp

    I've not seen many users leave Samp, but there seems to be quite a few that have switched to Samp.

    Samp and RME is a great fit...

    I think your initial positive feeling of Samp is correct...
  5. Sanity Inn

    Sanity Inn Guest

    I'm using Sam pro 7.xx plus RME HSDP 9652 AND ADI 8 DS pro aswell

    Sam 8 is out probably before year end with another major boost to the midi department,,, and ofcourse the audio section

    Can't say I've really used anything else, so kinda biased, But after a lot of reading SAM was the choice i went with

    G'luck with decisions,

    hey!!, maybe we can get a SAM forum on RO?!??

    Sanity Inn
  6. backpage

    backpage Guest

    Sorry if my enthusiasm for Samplitude came across as Pro Tools bashing. But you have to admit all the "industry standard" hype that went on in the 90's was unfair to a lot of good alternatives. This is for your home studio right? So swapping files with someone at pro studios isn't a factor. If you get a warm and fuzzy feeling about Samplitude-- follow your heart.
  7. Thanks to you all,

    I'm sold

    samplitude+rme it is :D

    can any samp users post links for active samp forums?

    thanks again,
  8. Sanity Inn

    Sanity Inn Guest

    hey spectacular,,,

    once you get Sam, and registered, they have a pretty healthy forum,,,

    but you'll find a Sam, forum on this site,

    Also,,, RME, has a news letter type forum,

    Hope that helps some

  9. maxmex

    maxmex Guest

    Well, I have both systems here, a digi002 and Samplitude running through a Layla 24. As a matter of fact we bought a Mac G4 just to run the digi002 sucks.

    I've been using Samplitude a lot of years and my boss wanted me to have protools so we can read what other studios send us because we work with 2 or 3 record companies, like Sony Music Mexico, Universal and Emi. After testing the digi 002 for a few weeks I almost threw it through the window, it is like a system for slow minded people, eveything it's so easy that it becomes boring and limited.

    Protools Le is just another multitrack and it is limited to 32 tracks, people here in Mexico tend to say "I like protools because it's so easy", well it is easy because it is limited to amazing features like "Play, Stop, Rewind, Panning and EQ", in this new millenium ANY multitrack can do that.

    The only thing that the digi002 can do, and Samplitude doesn't is to "automate a directX plug in", but hey why should I want to automate, let's say, the threshold of a compressor ? You can always use the crossfade function in samplitude an using realtime plug ins with different settings to achieve that.

    Right now, the digi002 is getting really dirty because I almost never use it, not even the mac, they are really nice looking gear, but limited to my taste.
  10. BladeSG

    BladeSG Guest

    LOL! I don't think you've delved too deep in PT LE if this what you think is all it can do.....LOL!
  11. maxmex

    maxmex Guest

    Well I was just being sarcastic....of course I know it can do a lot of other things, but there's nothing outstanding in it, for example, if I am using the a Mackie Mic pre and then I switch to a Manley Vox Box I know there's gonna be a huge difference, in the case of protools there used to the beginning of the 90's...not anymore. So after reading the manual and playing around with Protools Le I just realized that there's a lot of hub hub about it...but it's just that...hub hub, and it is in fact a good system, it's just that I don't see the point of paying almost 6,000 usd for only getting another multitrack that "looks pretty" and a computer that has a transparent keyboard and monitor, because nobody will notice that, nowadays any multitrack software can do anything that Protools LE does and a lot more.
  12. Screamer

    Screamer Guest

    $6000 USD??? :?: It's Only $1100 USD for a Digi002-R.

    When you look at the total cost of ownership from interface to sequencer most anything you buy of equivelant I/O will be greater than that.

    For the record, I own a Digi-002R, a Motu 828 mkII, Yammie 01x, an AP 2496, Cubase SX2, Sonar 3 Producer, and N-Track 24 bit. My PC is a 3.2 GHz P4 Northwood, 1 Gig of Mushkin High Perf RAM, 10k Raptor SATA Drives, and WinXP SP1. I've used all the devices in depth and frequently.

    What do I record on? The PT rig. Just personal preference I guess!
  13. maxmex

    maxmex Guest

    Maybe right now, but a year ago (aprox) when we bought the digi002 (not the rack version), it was :

    $ 2, 500 usd (in a Guitar Center of Atlanta).

    $ 5, 000 usd of the newest Mac available at that time (G4, 2gb Ram, 3 128gb Hard Drives, Fastest Dual Processor...1.42 I think)

    I took the specs from the digidesign website, and guess what ? It didn't work, because of the newest OsX, I had to call the dealer here in Mexico and they told us that we had to wait at least a month so digidesign could release a newer version of Protools LE (I thought that this only happened in the wintel domain).

    You could say "But you don't need a Mac to run protools", well that's true but then, why should I want a protools system in the first place ? If it's just a matter of preference, with that money I could easily buy Samplitude, a hardware controller (if you like to have moving faders) from mackie, and a multitrack sound card.

    So, after all this, I came to the conclusion that is just a matter of "what you like", because the final product is going to be the same, if you know what you're doing. :D
  14. i've never seen the 002 for 2500 at Gc. the list price was $2500. the most Gc ever had it for was $2250 and its still not worth that. and yes i do live in atlanta and i'm at gc and atlanta pro audio very often.

    personally. i'm not trying to bash.. but i hate pt. the interface sucks. the mixer vs samp or nuendo is 100% garbage. 002,001,mbox systems are to limited with LE. not to mention only 32tracks..
    samp is an awesome program. i've used it and sequoia and they both are light years in front of PTLE. personally i mainly use Nuendo 2.2 and i wouldn't switch for anything.
    i've worked on a paris, hd2 and hd3, mixplus tdm 888 setup, dp4, cakewalk etc...
    imo nuendo and samp are the best all around production apps
  15. MrPhil

    MrPhil Guest

    Is it all either PT or Samplitude here?? :shock:

    Well, maybe you should look into Vegas. It's now at v5, and most (few) users who use it love it. I've looked into Samplitude too, and I shared a warm feeling for it to, but on the whole Vegas4 does the thing for me right now.

    If it wasn't for the money, I would lay my hands on the latest Soundscape tho.... :wink:
  16. maxmex

    maxmex Guest

    Vegas it's too simple for my taste...I like complex software.
  17. MrPhil

    MrPhil Guest

    It's nothing simple about Vegas, but using it. :cool:
  18. Thomas_Fodor

    Thomas_Fodor Guest

    In response to BladeSG

    You have a oo2 rack with LE, a Motu 828 and Cubase SX and you use LE! Wow..... :lol: I think you should stop "laughing out loud", because we are not laughing "with" you.......
  19. petey_boy

    petey_boy Guest


    Ive only just joined this forum and people like Thomas_Fodor are starting to put me off already.I'm a strong believer of fair opinions but i think he's starting to take the mick. What are you??? The God Of Recording???????
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