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    hi, i just got this usb mic and they said i do not need preamp or anything like that..but i tried to record.. the volume is slow and its mostly on the left speaker.. whats the problem frustrated coz i got this for 100 bucks .. pls advice
  2. Are you recording on a Mac or a Windows computer? If you are using Windows, what is selected for the recording source (Start>All Programs>Accessories>Entertainment>Volume Control>Options from the File Menu>Recording button. Make sure that the Microphone option is selected and that the volume fader is up. It sounds like the current source is either the Stereo Mix or the Line-in.
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    im using windows.. i tried doing it already.. you mean i have to put the microphone all the way up full volume?.. and one problem also is i cant hear myself when i use this mic.. pluged in USP port but if i use another mic like the ones for chatting.. plueged in a mic port i can hear myself through a headphones. i want to record and hear myself wen i record my voice.. do you get me? pls thanx..
  4. I do understand. Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with USB microphones.

    Does someone else have experience with this?
  5. ponso

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    thats fine.. thanx for the help though..

    for everyone pls help me okay?
  6. zemlin

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    Sep 4, 2004
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    Home Page:
    From the Samson Web Site
    Might be worth spending some quality time with the Windows mixer to see if you can find the control you're looking for.
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    if u got cash, then just buy a condenser mic. usb mics are stupid
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    I dont know that I would say that they are Stupid...rather just miss-understood. I bought a USB Microphone and it is a new way of thinking whne it comes to recording. Yes there are some latency issues and eveyone is concearned bout controlling the gain. I've had my BLUE Snowball for about a month now and I can say it is a great studio microphone. Let's face it all the control anymore happens in the software, so if you have a good piece of software it really dosent matter what mic you use. The USB microphone is a great way to get started with a small studio with out all the cost. Just my .02!
  9. ponso

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    ey what software are you using? i got acidmusic but still i cant gain.. the sound is fine but you have to make the volume higher then the normal
  10. macbodock

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    I am using Peak LE 4 on an iMac running OS X(10.4). I have no problem with the gain. I did have some problems getting the SnowBall to work. Peak LE 4 had an upgrade that fixed the problem. What OS are you using? Did you install the drivers that came with the COU1?
  11. macbodock

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    Re: okay

    Looks as if the C0U1 will only work with Windoz XP and Mac OS x. Have you checked out the C0U1 FAQ?
  12. ponso

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    yah it says it works with al softwares..the problem is i canno here myself when i use it.. it records but i cannot hear my voice over the headphones or you understand? im using a laptop windows xp...and it didt came with a installed by wizard..
  13. macbodock

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    ponso, your using Windoz XP. One of the problems with USB micrphones, (**it is not a specific problem to the C0U1 or the Snowball, rather all USB Microphones no mater what make it is.**) is latency where you'll talk then a split sec later hear yourself. I dont know wondoz that well to tell you how to turn up C0U1. I'm a MAC user.
    You might want to check the acidmusic website and see what info you can find there. Maybe even contact the acidmusic support or use their forums...Sorry I do not have the answer for you. :(

    Best Regards,
  14. G.A.

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    Man, Im having the same exact problem I've changed all the settings imaginable, like even when I monitor the levels prior to recording I can see how the left channel is higher than the right, and its NOT just the USB version of this mic cause I had the condenser version and it did the same exact thing. And I know it wasnt my box cause I was using it with the M-Box. Its something with this mic that me/you/we/people have not figured out, if anybody has any info please help.
  15. TeddyG

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    Jan 20, 2005
    I think you guys just jumped too fast on this "new technology".

    Samson has a driver/application, whatever, to make the mic "work with any computer" --- it ain't "out" yet... Get on the email list!

    "Should" work now with any Windows machine... NOT neccessarily with all software...

    Here are the FAQ's, direct from Samson...

    listing several pieces of software, with actual setup instructions to get the mic to work. Acid, for one, isn't in there..? For one thing it says the software has to be capable of using this type USB device(Is yours?).

    Maybe you could try to figure out what to do by combining the various instructions noted as they seem to apply to you?

    Or put the gadget in a drawer for a few months and let the rest of the world catch up...... I'm sure we'll all have one soon.

  16. macbodock

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    I don't think that we jumped to fast on the "New Technology", but rather we expect everything to be "plug and play" with no problems. I bought a B.L.U.E. SnowBall and it took me forever to find out how to get it to work with Peak Le 4 and you know what? All the info was right there on Bias-inc's website in the forums no doubt! Who knew? I think that if we are going to embrace "New Technology", then we need to expect a few issues here and there with "plug and play". In most cases it is just not that simple!

    Warmest Regards,
  17. G.A.

    G.A. Guest

    After numerous hours of tedious work, I've realized that currently there isnt a way to get it to record in stereo with even levels. Unless the driver applet they will offer soon on the site is that important. the best bet for now is to record in mono then convert to stereo
  18. macbodock

    macbodock Guest

    Did you contact Samson? Do they have forums that you could post the problems that you are having? Did you check the FAQ? Did you see that the C0U1 is for Windows XP and Apple OS X only? Did you check with the maker of the software that you are trying to get the C0U1 to work with? I just downloaded the "Owners Manual" (PDF file) and it seen simple enough. Did you check the "Wave In" controls looks as if there is a balance there that might have gone to the left/right? G.A. I understand your fustration and I wish that I could be more help, but can't because I have a Mac.

    Warmest Regards,
  19. G.A.

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    I got Windows XP. Im using it with Cool Edit. when I looked at the area for Cool Edit all it says is go to the "Windows Recording Mixer" option. And when you go there its nothing but a Volume Fader. The Balance Tab is preset to the middle for the Recording Mixer. I gotta find this owners manual you speak of.
  20. macbodock

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    Looks as if "Cool Edit" is now with Adobe and is called Adobe Audtion.(if you have Cool Edit Pro 2 you can upgrade fro $69) Mabee that is the problem and it is time to upgrade? Here is the "Owners Manual" that I found on the Samsontech website.

    Warmest Regards,

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