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Discussion in 'Microphones & Recording' started by rockdrummer027, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. I need to buy a set of drum mics and my budget is not even enough to buy one REAL mic. My kit is pretty big (2 snare, 4 tom, 1 BD, and 7 cymbals) and I want the sound of close mic'ing the toms so that rules out the 2 overheads and a bass mic method. Its between the CAD pro-7 pack and the Samson 7 or 8 kit. They both have good reviews considering thier price. Does anyone have any insight? Which is better? Most likley they will be being fed through a Yamaha MG16/4 (I know everyone on this site hates it but theres nothing else at that price with that many pre's). From the mixer outs it will go to the house powered mixer along with the DI bass and 2 Vocals.
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    I'd say for the cost its like comparing apples to apples. I highly doubt either is remarkably better than the other. I would go with samson only since more people are familiar with the name and it might help you be able to sell the package later down the line on ebay when you want to upgrade to a good drum mic kit...i think the cads will be a tougher sale...

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