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    I was wondering if anyone can share their experiences with Sanken mics on acoustic recordings? Thank you!

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    Sankens are John Eargle's normal choice for mains, so listen to his Delos things and decide if you like them. They are not my cup of tea, FWIW.

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    I haven't used Sankens on my "serious" recordings, but I've used them extensively for field/production work and I like them quite a bit. They make a great mid side stereo mic.

    Also for the times that you can't see mics at all on the gig, the CUB-1 boundary mic is one of the best mics of that style out there. It is about the size of a silver dollar and about 1/2" thick or so.

    For the summer concert stuff (outdoor, etc...), their lav mics are also quite good.

  4. Hello Danielle,
    Finally somenone which is interested in Sankens cause I think that still a lot of people don't know how :cool: good these mics are.
    Well I use the cu-44x which works with 100 volt and I must say the dynamics, the low noise floor, flat frequency response and super tight lows is excellent because of two seperated diaphrams.
    Sankens are superb mics, just give it a try and you will like them.
    The one that I use you can record very nice vocals with them, or any acoustical instrument. I play Turkish saz (7 string Turkish plectrum instrument), I must say the Sanken records it sooo natural and the transient response is super. George Massenburg uses this mic too. Look at the
    It could be that some people would prefer other well known brands because they sound good but this baby doesn't sound good no a mic in my opinion doesn't have to sound warm or good but natural, you can shape the sound later with plug-ins or outboard gear. That's the way I prefer to work.
    If you get used to them you don't need any eq especially not with orchestral instruments.
    I just contacted Sanken about their new co-100k mic, an omni which records up to 100 Khz and they say they did a lot of test with orchestras/acoustical instruments. That it is the perfect tool for it.I wanne buy two. Look what the brochure says:Many microphone manufacturers have attempted to make the perfect omni, but because of the physical existence of the microphone itself, it has been a considerable challenge. Previous omni directional microphones have a "directional" polar pattern in higher frequencies. This limitation was believed to be the brick wall of omni microphones. But now, Sanken's exclusive technology permits the perfect omni microphone -- one which seems to have no physical body — with a "virtual" diaphragm hovering in space.
    Another groundbreaking design from the World's Most Original Microphone Manufacturer.

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