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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by 0db, Sep 13, 2005.

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    Feb 19, 2005

    I bought a laptop these days and i wanted to buy some I/O card that can do the job done using Reason 3 and probably Cubase SX 2. The thing is that everytime i look for a USB gear, latency issues comes as a common fact in the reviews, wich is for me, one of the main concerns for a interface.

    I was looking for the sapphire from focusrite, and it grabbed my attention, in the other hand, by half the price is the US-122 from tascam....and the US-244 also, a mini mixer that comes with Audio and MIDI I/O is worth the same price!! Are these Tascam products a "toy"? i have found totally oposed comments on them, and i really don´t know what to think. What about the portable M-Audio products? are they good?

    I don´t care if the interface doesn´t record at 96K or 24 bits or something, as long as it sounds decent, has MIDI capabilities and latency rates to few ms to Zero. USB or Firewire. What are your thougts?
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    I owned a Tascam US-122, and minimum latency on my AMD Athlon 1600+/512mB RAM was 15ms or so. AD/DA converters seemed good to me, also it was pretty trouble-free (no conflicts/blue screens). Only downside was the latency, considering I wanted to use it on live shows for VSTi's...
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    Hey there,

    Well there is no such as thing as "latency rate=0", you can only do that while tracking.

    If it goes through your pc you will get some additional latency no matter what.

    In my opinion you should go for a card that can record up to 24bits cause you get more headroom and a better sound this way(in short).

    I wouldnt worry about the sampling frequency that much, but bit depth is essential.

    Now about saffire, its a very good card, 2 mic in, Hiz input, good ad/da BUT the thing i dont like is that you can only use the dsp only when recording/tracking, not while mixing.

    About us-122, from comments i have heard from people using it, is that it is quite stable, not a toy in any way and you get for what you pay for(great for a laptop).

    Happy shopping:>

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