SATA HD Buffer Crackles

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by markgo, Oct 24, 2005.

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    Hi all,
    Just bought a Seagate Barracuda 200 GB SATA to replace a dead ATA. Managed to salvage my audio thankfully.

    Got artefacts in the recorded tracks when using it with CubaseSX. Loud regular crackles whose period varies with the buffer size. i.e at 32k it crackles twice a second (ish) and at 256k it crackles about once every two seconds.

    Seems the SATA is struggling to play back my existing tracks and causing this noise. But it does it with only 2 tracks.

    I've moved my M-Audio card around the slots, seperated the SATA disk from the case to rule out proximity noise. Downloaded powerstrip and altered PCI latency times for the SATA controller and the Audio card.

    No change for better or worse.

    Can't help thinking its my onboard SATA controller (NForce2 chipset mobo).

    Was fine with my ATA. Using XP SP2, AMD 3200+ 1GB Corsair XMS Pro, M-Audio Delta-44 @ 24/96

    Anyone any ideas?

    thanks Mark.
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    You say the cracks arent in fixed time positions within a song but happen randomly as the track plays which is why I am thinking it isnt your recorded material or the drive itself. Does this happen when you record new stuff onto the drive too, or its just happening to the salvaged audio? This does sound like a sound card problem, but you state:

    Now that is puzzling, when you moved the card did you un-install it completely from the system before moving the it to another PCI slot? I am sure you did but I have to ask anyway.

    I hate to advise this but would you consider a fresh install of everything? I mean back-up your personal stuff and start fresh with a disc format and a clean install of your OS. I know its time consuming but it be justified if nothing else (moving PCI's around) seems to work.

    Sometimes as you swap out hardware for new hardware there are residual traces of the old hardware that are in the system and that might cause a conflict (of course this is a theory of mine I dont know if that holds true, but its a thought).
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    Dec 31, 2003
    FWIW, someone over on the Sonar forum just posted about a huge stability improvement by disabling the RAID applet on startup, using msconfig. I believe he mentioned nForce chipset. I have an nForce graphics card, but a VIA chipset mobo. My machine is RAID capable, but I have it disabled and have no issues with it. Hope this helps.
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    perhaps this thread will be helpful. it was for me...

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