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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by lostntrans, Nov 7, 2007.

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    Soo new to this but I want to give vocal/instrument recording a try. This is all I've have so far...mostly freebee's loaned to me except the keyboard and computer.

    Got a Shure 58
    Yamaha Motif ES6
    iMac 4meg ram, 500Gig
    something called an EMU 404 midi/audio interface
    Some Yamaha studio monitors
    crap loads of cables

    Now the hard part. Recording vocals? Do I need more equipment? Also I can get the keyboard to send MIDI instructions to garageband to play the software sounds but how can I record the actual keyboard onboard sounds?
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    Nov 21, 2005
    Is that EMU 0404 the tabletop unit with XLR/1/4" combo jacks, or the older PCI card with cables dangling from the card? It makes a difference.
    (Why didn't they just call it something else? :? )

    Everything will apply to both, except with the PCI unit, you'll need some way of getting a mic external preamp, small mixer, etc. The tabletop unit already has XLR mic jacks.

    Shure SM58 is fine to start off. You'll likely want to expand your mic selection later, but it'll do for now. What you have is good enough to start learning. No doubt you'll be lusting after sexier gear once you get the hang of things, but by then you may have learned enough to make informed decisions, and have save up all those dollars to buy it.

    Yamaha studio monitors. Powered or passive? If passive, you'll need something to power them. Some kind of decent reference monitor amp.

    Recording actual keyboard sounds? Plug the keyboard's audio outputs into the EMU 1/4" inputs, arm a track (mono or stereo...whichever you prefer for that instrument) in your software for recording, and play in while recording. If the EMU is that tabletop unit, you may need to adjust something on the unit, or in software to change from mic level to line level (for keyboards, etc.), or it may automatically do it at the input...I dunno. It could be just an input sensitivity control knob. Read the manual to find out. You just don't want to try to send the fire that comes out of some keyboards into a mic-level input, and conversely, you don't want a mic trying to push a line-level input. Won't work too well. Read the manual, and adjust things properly for the attached gadget. Simple thing to remember is that nearly everything EXCEPT mics could probably be line-level. Read the manuals of the gadgets to know for sure.

    I don't know about Garageband, but if it records MIDI data, you can play your performance in and record the data, and have the software play back the keyboard's internal sounds to be recorded to audio according to the previous instruction. You'll need the MIDI out of the keyboard connected to MIDI in of the EMU, which you obviously have already done, to record MIDI/trigger instruments. Then MIDI out of the EMU to MIDI in of the keyboard to respond to the recorded MIDI data. Watch your "Echo Mode" or similar (whatever it is in GB...if it has it), when you have two MIDI devices looped in and out of each other. You may be able to disable the loop in the software of the recording program, or possibly the EMU control...I don't know. The important thing is to keep the data from retransmitting through the loop, otherwise you'll likely have stuttering, program crashes, or even OS lockups (at least in Windows...dunno about Macs"), because it's trying to send the same data around endlessly, while possibly trying to continually add more. Pay close attention to this if you loop those two devices.

    Set your levels good and healthy, but not clipping. Record your vocals, or anything else mic'ed, in a quiet space.

    Tweak your computer and software according to what other Macoids have learned and recommend, if necessary. There must be forums and all kinds of info you can find for this.

    You are now ready to join the rest of us in that endless fascination with figuring out how to get this in there...and actually make it sound good...and frequent bouts of G.A.S. Join us in our addiction...we NEED others just like us to justify our sickness. Remember this mantra "If I only had THAT, I could do THIS". You'll be repeating that the rest of your life, or at least until early-onset dementia sets in from hour upon hour of mixing and re-mixing what you used to think sounded pretty good :shock:

    Hope this helped, and have fun,

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    Much thanx Kapt for the helpful insights indeed! The fun has started...soo I guess the dementia will follow :lol:

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