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  1. I just read on the digidesign website that your screen must be at least 14" to use protools. Does anyone know if this is actually the case, cuz I was gonna buy a 12" powerbook to run protooks but apparently I'll need a bigger screen. Anyone running PT on a 12" laptop?
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    Nov 13, 2001
    could be

    top right hand corner of the screen does have some grid and bump controls.
    you would not see these.

    the newer software does have these located at the top of the edit section and below the main controls.
    top right hand is now transport controls

    hard to explain

    you can only try these thing to know for sure
  3. 132435

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    I saw that too, but the strange thing is, if you take a look at some of the computers that they've tested/approved for protools, several of them are laptops with 12" screens. For example, it shows two 12" ibooks that are compatible. I'd try to get in touch with them, through email or phone and find out about that. And if you do find out, post something here letting us know what they said.
  4. Digidesign hasnt replied back yet but I've asked around at other places and I talked to a guy who said he did run PT on a 12" ibook.
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