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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by bgober, May 27, 2002.

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    i just recently upgraded to SONAR 2.0. i've been using SONAR/Cakewalk for longer than i can remember. i'm loyal but loyalty is waning. i believe as far back as the early versions for Windows 95 there has been a nagging problem. after the software has been up and running for a period of time the track window stops scrolling. in addition when hit "W" to rewind the pointer goes back to the beginning but the screen doesn't scoll back. this same thing just happened in SONAR 2.0 for me. i've used a number of different PC's with a number of different configs (different video cards) and this problem still occurs. i would think that Cakewalk could have fixed this by now. i just don't get it. has anybody else experienced this? is it just me? is there a work around. yes, i contacted support on this long ago and got a list of config changes that did no good. it's not the end of the world but it's certainly anoying.

    there i feel better now..
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    :eek: yo danbarclay: i'm also a loyal user of cakewalk products and currently on sonar xl 2.0. I have did experience this the first time i installed v2.0. this might be a little bit of a drag but the way i fixed the problem was to redo my whole system and start ground up :confused: I reformated my harddrive, installed XP pro, then installed my gina24 drive(the latest one), and then installed sonar. sonar was the first software i installed. since then i nver had a problem and it performs better than before. not sure if you want to go thru all that, and not sure if it helps, but i hope it did something.
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    Do you have the "Scroll Lock" key activated on your computer keyboard by any chance? I have been using SONAR 1.x XL since it was first released in April of 2001 and PA9 before that(I have since, upgraded to SONAR 2.0XL). The only time I have ever seen this behavior is when I accidentally hit the "Scroll Lock" key. Then the "Now Time" would cease to move anymore on playback. Otherwise, except for my own user error(Scroll Lock), I have never seen this type of behavior exhibited on my DAW while using SONAR.


    Billy Buck

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