SE Electronics...any good???

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by backinthelab, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. backinthelab

    backinthelab Guest

    Anyone every used/heard of SE Electonics mics? I see them at some retailers but have never heard the name. They make a dual tube condenser that looks pretty sweet. I guess they're all hand made? Anyone with any info on this product???
  2. gilwe

    gilwe Guest

    The SE mics sounds great, not only for their prices. The Gemini is on of a hell amazing sweet sounding tube mic -

    check the recording samples here:
  3. TonyBelmont

    TonyBelmont Guest

    SE microphones are good for the money.... I demo'ed all of SE microphones a year and a half ago. They were all plugged directly into the preamp of the SSL (which isn't known for adding a lot of color). The Gemini is good for some things, but I preferred the sound of the Z5600a as an all around microphone.. The Gemini was too tubby sounding (it's just too much for my tastes). I could probably use it on a kick drum, but I would rather use something else for vocal work. Just like anything else the preamp is a major component in the overall sound.... your only as good as your weakest link.
  4. gilwe

    gilwe Guest

    do you feel the Z5600a is too sibilant for vocals sometimes ? i.e exaggerated "zzz".... This is the only reason I feel not quite confident taking one for vocals - what do you think ?

    Do you have any of those recordings on line ? and how would you compare the SE1a and SE3 ? is the SE3 much better sounding ?

  5. TonyBelmont

    TonyBelmont Guest

    Yes, I do feel that the Z5600a can be too sibilant at times, but I find that problem with a lot of the chinese mics...

    As far as recordings... no, I didn't make any samples. They just gave me the mics to check out and we ran vocals through the Z3300, 5600a, and Gemini...

    I didn't get a chance to record with the small diaphragm mics. At that time, they were having a problem getting those into the country...
  6. gilwe

    gilwe Guest


    Which one of the Z5600a / Gemini would you prefer for vocal work the most ?

    I'm trying to decide weather to get a Gemini and Z3300a, or the Z5600a and Z3300a ....

    I guess the 3300 and 5600 are quite similar sounding, and the Gemini really outstands on some sources, better than the 5600 as a tube mic...
    What do you think ?

  7. TonyBelmont

    TonyBelmont Guest

    I guess the 5600a. but I don't know that I would buy any of those mics unless I had an SM7 first....

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