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    Has anyone heard this mic? Apparently it's a "dual tube" - two vacuum tubes in a large diaphragm transformerless condenser microphone. What exactly does this do for the sound? Is this cool innovation or just a gimmick?

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    Just started up a small studio in the UK. Tried out a few different Mics. We're set up for singer songwriters etc so we wanted a mic that does great acoustic guitar and vox. Picked up the Gemini for around £600, what's that in Dollars? Anyway, the Gibson J200 rings, chimes and jangles like a good'n. The mic sounds great with other guitars as well. What we're doing is pointing the Gemini at the 12th fret-ish and sticking a Rode NT1 at the top nut. The Gemini gives a full bodied, round sound that's really smooth across the whole spectrum. The NT1s harsh top end just adds that bit of extra sparkle. Just started trying it out on Vocals no complaints yet but it is early days. Seems to be the mic for us though.


    Cool. Sounds promising. Would you consider it an all purpose mic or a specialty mic? Let me know what you think of it on various vocal applications. Any mic pre preferences with it yet?



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