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Discussion in 'Computing' started by KTek, Feb 8, 2005.

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    i have a 160gig seagate firewire hard drive (obviously from the topic), and i have been recording to it for a year with no problems. at 16 bit 44.4 khz Using logic by the way. i recently started recording at 88.8 khz and it worked fine for about 5 "takes" each about 10-30 minutes from band practice. now all the sudden i get this error when i try and record to it. right when i hit "record" it says "I/O error result code = -36" anyone seen this before?? i can record strait to the internal hard drive with no problems and move it afterwords,, but it's kind of a hassle when trying to do it all as i go. any ideas friends? thanks!!
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    How many simultaneous tracks were you recording at 44.1? How many are you recording (or attempting to record) at 88.8?
  3. firewire 800?

    dont feel bad. my best friends all work at Mac here in Austin in the with the audio/video programs and they have told me repeatedly that Logic has SOOOO many problems. exactly what your saying too...
    they are being looked at, but last i heard... Logic couldnt keep up with the problems they were having (in terms of support and valid instruction for workarounds). Im not gonna suggest a different program... cause that would just suck. Do you have the most recent Logic version?

    all i can say is perhaps get a firewire 800 drive (if you have the port that is). if your recording at that high of a samplerate, firewire 400 can get bogged down.

    hope that helps
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    i was doing 8 tracks simultaneous. it's almost like the cable just burst or something.

    yeah i do need to get the firewire 800, this one's the older connection speed. and yeah, logic does have a lot of problems, but man i'm like 6 years strong with it,,,, no turning back!!!

    thanx a bunch yall! appreciate the advice :wink:

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