Searching for a good mid-price Preamp

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by headtuned, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. headtuned

    headtuned Guest

    Hi to all !
    I have a small but usefull homestudio with tascam Dm-24, Dynaudio BM15A, Cubase SX ..
    What i needed at last was a good and usefull Preamp/Mik Combination for Vocal-Recordings
    Yesterday i bought a Brauner Phantom V.
    So i am still searching for a good Preamp about
    1500,- EUR.

    SPL Gainstation 1 + Digital Option
    Millennia TD-1
    Avalon M5

    What would you perfer ?

    (i'm from germany - so sorry about my english)

    thanks !

    :) :) :)

  2. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2001
    Silicon Valley
    Hello and Welome to R.O.!

    If I had to choose from those three for vocals, it would be the Avalon M5. But the the TD-1 is still very good and sure has a lot features in one box.
  3. headtuned

    headtuned Guest

    Thanks Audiogaff!

    Do you have any other suggestions ?

    What about the UA M610 ?


  4. AudioGaff

    AudioGaff Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2001
    Silicon Valley
    The UA 610 is a very heavely colored mic pre. If you already have other mic pre's then this would be another great option to have available but it may not be always the best for you or for every song. I'm rather an old school guy that loves and for the most part, relies on the old proven classics of Neve, API and John Hardy. So in that in vain, for something really clean, detailed, and musical I prefer the John Hardy, Avalon M5, dbx 786, Great River MP-2, for colored it would be something like API, Neve or one of the clones, UA 610, Manley, Fearn VT-1 or VT-2, Focusrite Red or ISA units. Really, there are too many really great ones these days to list them all.
  5. headtuned

    headtuned Guest

    you're right. But most of the "toys" you've listed
    are in a much more cost intensive area over 2,5K
    or 3K.
    I'm not a professional - and between 1K and 2K it seems, there are not so many Preamps to choose of.
    I will test the Gainstation, Avalon and the Millennia, if i can get one.

    Thanks a lot !

  6. Bob Mould

    Bob Mould Active Member

    Nov 29, 2001
    I would recommend these really great preamps in your price range,

    Chandler TG-2 1500EUR
    Vintech X73 1600EUR
    Vintech Dual 72 1200EUR

    Isnt germany full of old Telefunken preamps, might be possible to find one at a decent price?

  7. headtuned

    headtuned Guest

    Thanks Mike !

    I will take a look on the chandler. And there is a shop here in Munich, where i can test it.

    VINTECH - seems to be difficult to get it here in Germany - no internet-adress found.

    Germany, sorry for that, ist'n full of old Telefunken, Siemens or TAB Preamps ;-))
    They're rare - in Germany too.

    Maybe i can get Telefunken V676a, Siemens V276 or Neumann V476.
    I've heard TAB V76 or TAB V72a are really good.

    What about a Neumann V476/W491 combination ?


  8. Bob Mould

    Bob Mould Active Member

    Nov 29, 2001
    i bought my Vintech Dual72 from vintech USA, or
    in europe (sweden)is a good dealer.

  9. headtuned

    headtuned Guest

    Cool ! Thank you !


  10. CMajorMusic

    CMajorMusic Guest

    I'd go with the Avalon too. But if you got the extra cash sometime, look into the Liquid Channel made by focusrite. Its a digital mic pre and compressor in one that emulates over 50 mic pres and compressors with any combination of the available emulations. From what I hear it is VERY accurate to the origonal sound of the mic pres and compressors.
  11. headtuned

    headtuned Guest

    Thank you CMajorMusic !

    I will test the avalon, if i can get one.
    The Focurite is to expensiv (about 3,5K) - that's to much.
  12. Ozzlander

    Ozzlander Guest

    TL Audio 5050 valve preamp with a built in compressor 1200$ aust 600 Euro,s ive got one and im happy.
  13. headtuned

    headtuned Guest

    I bought a SPL Gainstation 1. It is a absolut
    clean sounding tool when you use only the clean-Input. You have a second Input-Control for Tube.
    So you can mix clean and tube as you like and get a warm sound too.
    Gainstation has two limiters (Peak/FET).I got it together with a 24bit/96khz A/D Digital option and a really nice bag for about 900 EUR.
    Using the digital-option i can connect the Gainstation digital with my Tascam DM-24 or to my RME 9652. I think the A/D Converter of the Gainstation is much better that the Tascams.
    You can use analog outputs/inputs for an insert effekt as far as i know. I've ordered a FMR RNC Compressor for that.
    The Gainstation has another Option:
    Lundahls on Input and Output.

    I think for the price, this piece of gear is hard to beat.


  14. buttachunk

    buttachunk Guest

    i'd go with the avalon or the TG if you're buying new-- leaning toward the avalon.
  15. Hawaii

    Hawaii Guest

    Well guys if you want really good preamps @this price choose the sebatron VPM4000e (1500 €) deliver here (in France) so check this option !!!
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