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Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by tterral1, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. tterral1

    tterral1 Guest

    I currently own a Langevin DVC which I am thinking about selling in order to buy either a Sebatron VMP 4000e OR a Sebatron VMP 2000e and an RNP. I like the Langevin, but I need 4 channels of pre and by selling the Langevin and adding a little cash I can get 4 channels. The question is should I go for 4 channels of Sebatron or 2-Seb and 2-RNP. I am recording acoustic music (bluegrass, folk, contemporary acoustic, etc.), so I need something that will be clean and clear as well as something that can have a little character when I need it. This will be for acoustic guitars, mandolin, DI bass and vocals. My mics are Soundelux U195, Josephson C42, AT 4041 an d Oktava MC 012.

    Any comments, advice other alternatives, etc. will be appreciated.

    Tim T
  2. tmix

    tmix Guest

    Although I am adding more pres myself for the same reason you are, I do have a RNP which I use ALL the time for Acoustic guitar ,Banjo, Fiddle,Hand Drums,Mandolin etc and i love it. In fact I have about convinced myself to stop looking at the Davisounds, Tofts etc and just buy more RNPs. The only reason I will probably buy something else is for variety of sound.
  3. Bowisc

    Bowisc Active Member

    Aug 22, 2002
    If I were in your shoes, I'd get a John Hardy M1 (with tranny) along with a 2000e.

  4. tterral1

    tterral1 Guest

    Yeah, if the John Hardy M1 was in my budget right now, that is what I would get, too. Unfortunately the M1 will have to wait for a while. Great pre from everything that I have read. In fact I spoke with John a couple of years ago when I was inquiring about the M1 and he is a great guy, very informative and very helpful. I will have a couple of M1 one of these days.
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