sebatron: how much gain? what noisefloor?

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  1. So I am new here and it´s my first post, and I am definetely interested in sebatron vmp4000e, but I couldn´t find any specs about this unit in the manual & over the forums, even the review of kf does not mention anything specwise...
    Why are they missing? Assuming it is a serious product, I wonder why it´s not there? Noisefloor and max possible gain would be interesting to know...(ribbon mics, 24 Bit Recording)
    If I look at manley and other manuals, it´s all there, why not here? thanks in advance for your response.
    best to all

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  2. Sebatron

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    Dec 22, 2002
    The specs. of the vmp have varied alot due to an ongoing design ,,. for example recently we made a change to the gain of the unit.
    The newer design also features a flatter frequency response than the one used in Kurt Fosters review , and audio samples.

    VMP mic pre specifications :

    Mic Input Impedance: 600 ohms
    D.I Input Impedance : 56 kilo ohms

    Output Impedance: <600 ohms

    Frequency Response: 14 hz to 88 Khz +/- 2 db
    Signal to Noise : 76 db minimum
    Maximum Gain: 55 db -60 db
    Noise Floor: EIN < -120 dbm

    Maximum input :
    0 pad -10 db
    -15 db pad +5 db
    -30 db pad +20 db

    Maximum Output:
    Balanced: +28 dbm
    Unbalanced: +22 dbm

    Bright Shelf:
    0 pad +5 db @ 11.8 khz
    -15db pad +9 db @ 20 khz
    -30db Pad +8 db @ 16.8 khz

    Air Shelf:
    0 pad +4 db @ 14.5 db
    -15 db pad +9 db @ 26 khz
    -30 db pad +6 db @ 20.6 khz

    Deep Shelf: +8 db @ 40 hz

    xmas : .005 +/- 12% :D
  3. groovestix

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    The back of the VMP4000e has two inputs per channel, 1 XLR and 1 balanced TRS 1/4" plug I assume. Do both of these inputs follow the same path, ie. gain stage on input? How are these different from the unbalanced hiZ input on the front, just impedence?

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    Mar 6, 2002
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    Hi groovestix, I emailed Sebatron recently to find out if the TRS on the back was and input or an output on the vmp 2000e. They sent back a emailing saying it was an output. Hope that answers your question. If your interested in running a line level signal through the unit I'm not sure how to do it or even if you can. Perhaps Seb will chime in as I would be interested in just passing a few things through it for that little something extra. :D
  5. If you look at the figures that Seb has provided,
    Maximum input :
    0 pad -10 db
    -15 db pad +5 db
    -30 db pad +20 db... you'll see that, indeed, you may run line level. If the figures below are given in standard terms, they would mean: at -30 dB pad, you can run a max of a +20 dB signal into the input, at -15: +5 dB. etc.
    However, since the figures are in dB, they really don't mean anything unless the are referenced to something. As an example, 0 dBu (app .775 volts RMS) is common as a reference, so when we say +6 dBu or +6 dB referenced to 0 dBu we know that something is 6 dB more than 0.775 volts RMS which is app. twice the level or app. 1.5 volts RMS
    For sure the figures are refered to either dBu, dBm or dBV. But in any case, it is clear that the model 400 can handle a signal for most of our needs. I'm sure that Seb will clarify this in due time.
  6. Sebatron

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    Dec 22, 2002
    Hey Dudes !!! :D :tu:
  7. groovestix

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    Thanks all for clearing that up. I haven't used one of the1/4" plugs on the back yet. I was under the impression from the manual that it was an input. The connection diagram is what led me to believe that. Maybe I should clean my glasses more often... I'll try some of the mix bus re-amping/eq'ing suggestions. It would be a nice bonus to be able to use the vmp this way. Warmth and clarity across the mix is welcome.
  8. Kurt Foster

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    Jul 2, 2002
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    If you wish to send me an updated version of the vmp 4000e, I would be more than happy to update the review and the audio samples.. :D
  9. groovestix

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    I ran a previously recorded acoustic guitar track through the vmp last night and noticed an immediate improvement. The initial track sounded good but the difference was even better. I tried adding deep with air, then cut with bright, and ended going flat with bright. Much more presence and punch, richer sounding, too.

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